Setting the Perfect Holiday Table

We turned to the experts at Homepolish, the service delivering personal and flexible interior design by the hour to give us a few tips on how to achieve the perfect tablescape this season. Homepolish Interior designer, Becky Shea’s tips:
When planning a holiday meal, it’s important to consider the following to create a memorable tabletop that is conversational, inspirational and functional.
  •  Work on your space plan – If your table needs extensions or furniture needs to be rearranged, it’s important to consider the way in which a room will flow based on appointment of your existing pieces
  • Consider your table setting – How far do you want to take your dinner? Do you want chargers, place mats, multiple plates and dishes? Or do you want to keep it simple with one set? Before I get started on any inspirational design, I think about this aspect the most. I want to understand how much space I have to work with and many fillers, flowers and vases I can accommodate.
  • Consider the time of day your event is taking place – this impacts how moody or airy you want to design your tabletop
  • Consider the natural elements – I always think about the harvest and what aspects remind me of warmth. This is what inspires me. We have accessibility to so many different colored pumpkins, corns, leaves, pinecones, acorns and florals. Bring those elements into your home.

About the Author

Homepolish is an interior design service bringing full-service, accessible design to clients across the country, by the hour. The service is perfect if you are sprucing up your studio apartment, gut renovating your home or doing anything between. Homepolish has over 550 designers nationwide and is also available via video.