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After such a harsh and brutal winter, Summer has finally descended upon our bustling metropolis and as far as we’re concerned, not a moment too soon. So as we (finally) pack up our mohair knits and wool coats here in the Big Apple, it’s time to break out our high-heeled sandals and revamp our warm weather wardrobes. Unfortunately, as seasons change so do trends and as many of us find, once the next year rolls around, we find ourselves with several piles full of “nothing to wear”.

Thankfully, is boldly (and stylishly) coming to the rescue and quickly becoming one of our favorite places for some seriously chic online shopping, featuring gently used luxury fashion for women. This unique and user friendly online market is unlike any other, bringing not only the creme de la creme of second-hand (and often time, brand new) goods to purchase, but also providing the ability to sell your own luxury favorites while building a community of women whose closets you can favorite and follow allowing for all of us to have the perfectly edited closet of our dreams (you can shop ours here).


Shop Hers was founded by Jaclyn Shanfeld in November 2012 after a frustrating wedding season with too many events and not enough dresses to go around without breaking the bank. “I had been burned at brick-and-mortar consignment stores in the past – I thought, there’s got to be a better way.” What has resulted is this decisively curated website full of dreamy designers such as Valentino, Givenchy, Chanel and Hermes all up to 90% off their retail value. In fact, one of the many things that has us giving our top marks are the actual products and shopping environment themselves. Numerous categories are divided up on “The Goods” homepage and into each individual shopping subject allowing for speedy and precise search optimization and as far as the products are concerned, the extensive list of covetable VOGUE-worthy brands will have you lost in designer heaven for hours.


So, here’s how it works; once a product is purchased – with no bidding or timed countdown included – the seller has three days to send the product to Shop-Hers. Once received, the products are carefully inspected and authenticated by the Shop-Hers experts allowing the consumer to purchase any item with 100% confidence as if they were shopping with any of their other favorite high-end fashion online retailers. Of course there are benefits for the sellers too, the main one being the commission percentage. Unlike so many second-hand stores where they can top out at 50% for your prized pieces, Shop-Hers provides their selling community with a much higher return at two different levels. First, users who photograph and post their own images receive an amazing 82% of the selling price while VIPs, who enjoy the added benefit of having Shop Hers handle their full transaction, including photography and posting, receive 65%. The percentages taken by Shop-Hers allows them to assist in the transaction by verifying the quality of all featured items and enabling the transactions to occur providing you the opportunity to sit back, relax and enjoy while they handle the grunt work.”


Another component that we completely adore is the way they’ve integrated networking within a marketplace in order to benefit all of their subscribers. When you first sign up you’re asked to fill-out a brief survey so they can suss out exactly which designers you tend to favor as well as your measurements from head to toe. By doing this, buyers and sellers can be paired up as “Style Soul Mates” so you know you’ll be matched with someone selling the type of products you lust over without having to worry about whether or not something will fit correctly. Oh and don’t worry, because if for some reason there is an issue you can always just return it, another benefit that most secondhand shops don’t provide. This seamless integration provides the ultimate subscriber experience, creating a quick, simple and easy route to finding exactly what you’re looking for and just another way they differentiate themselves from the rest (did we also mention they ship internationally?). For all these reasons and more, truly is the ultimate social marketplace that we just can’t get enough of.

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