Shop the Trend: Wooden Accessories

Although wood may seem like an odd choice when you first think of a pair of elegant earrings, a glamorous handbag or even sophisticated sunglasses, some of our favorite designers and brands are proving just the opposite making us wonder, what took this trend so long to come around. Thankfully, there’s plenty of stunning options thanks to handcrafted crossbody’s like the palm leaf inspired piece from Sarah’s Bag, the stunning cone pendant wood and crystal earrings from Givenchy or the uber cool perforated platform sneaker from Stella McCartney. Shop our favorites in the slideshow above!

About the Author

Jillian Magenheim is the Editorial Director and Director of Partnerships for She is also a digital media consultant for various fashion and beauty brands. You can follow her thoughts on Twitter @Magenhaz and on Instagram @jillianrose_m