Shopping For: Ankle Boots

– By Teresa Greenfeld – 

Olivia Palermo for ASOS

The term ‘yearly’ or ‘year-round’, in many cases, is not a good association.  Year-round school.  Any and all types of yearly exams. In the fashion world, where a item bought one day can be out of style the next, anything that can be worn simply month to month is something to clutch onto for dear life.
Enter the ankle boot.  An item that can take you from a heat wave to the deep freeze and still look chic.  Not only can it be worn season to season, it should be worn season to season. It will bring toughness to a floaty chiffon dress in summer, and balance to skinny jeans and a chunky sweater in winter. A fashion ‘cure’ of sorts, the ankle boot is fashion’s penicillin.

An ankle boot, worn with a gown-when everyone else is wearing strappy stilettos-adds an unexpected element to often stale black-tie attire (we have lost many to this strain of boredom, otherwise known as “seen it and done it all syndrome”).  When worn with a slim pant in the winter, it can save the top of the foot from frostbite (a very serious and debilitating ailment, mostly seen in girls waiting to gain entrance into clubs).  Shorts with heels, a favorite of many, is best when done with a bootie. It just may make the difference between ‘lady of style and substance’ and ‘lady of the evening’.

The ankle boot can save you embarrassment from I-couldn’t-get-in-for-a-pedicure-itis (painting only the toes visible in a peep-toe is another known cure).  It is a widely used vaccination for the lump formed when wearing a knee high boot with a flared jean.

With this knowledge at hand, and in the interest of global health, I’ve provided some of the best in fashion health care, in order for you to make the most informed decision.  I suggest always keeping an ample supple of booties at hand.  You really can’t ever be too cautious when it comes to your health.


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