Shopping For: Country Luxe

By Teresa Greenfeld

It’s funny the things that stick in our mind from childhood; a scene from a movie that becomes our idea of the perfect dinner party, a chapter from a book that runs through our head every time we dress for an event.  For some, an image seen while flipping through our mother’s fashion magazines takes hold in our minds.   We imagine the perfect lives that must exist in this perfectly styled, glossy world.

Country Luxe is inspired by just such a memory.  We’ve probably all imagined what it would be like to live in a Ralph Lauren ad; the perfect log cabin surrounded by perfect snow-capped mountains,  perfectly broken-in leather couches and cashmere blankets. The fire crackling in it’s stone fireplace,  and you, of course, picturesque in the perfect wardrobe that oozes luxe weekend casual.
Even though we’ve grown up, and know the glossy magazine ad life rarely exists, the child in us still holds that picture in our heads.  And while we can’t promise you a Ralph Lauren-like reality, we can take care of the wardrobe.
Feature image courtesy of Mariano Vivanco for Vogue Russia

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