Shopping For: Party Shoes

– By Teresa Greenfeld –  

Picture it: A stunning woman walks into a party.  Her shining hair cascades down her shoulders in loose waves.  Her skin is all but pore-less.  Her outfit is perfection, perhaps created just for her.  The accessories have a glint that only real jewels possess.  Your eyes make their way to her shoes, ready to be blown away.  WAA WAA WAAAA. They’re awful.  The heels are stubby, the leather is frayed, and suddenly this spectacular woman is not so spectacular.  “What happened?” you think. “Maybe her mirror stops at her knees?”.  “Maybe she has some exotic disease that renders her incapable of choosing a good shoe?”.

Even the most expensive, most dazzling outfit can be  ruined with the wrong shoe.  Fret not my lovelies, we come to your rescue, here to save your holiday and New Year’s outfits.  Because really, bad shoes should never happen to good outfits. 

1. River Island Colour Block Metal Plated Shoeboots, $218.16
3.  Charlotte Olympia Bruce Sandal, $1015
4.  Manolo Blahnik Omana Shoe, $578
5.  Alaïa Chain Link Sandals, $2680
6.  Italo Balestri Flower Shoe, $373
7.  Sergio Rossi Feather Sandals, $476
8.  Vionnet Color Block Pumps, $835
9.  Jimmy Choo Faye Shoes, $1795
10. Ruthie Davis Modernist Pump,  $865
11.  Valentino Studded Kitten Heel Sandals, $1075
12.  Christian Louboutin Wales 120 Python Pump, $1495
13.  Tabitha Simmons Evita Sandal, $2185
14.  Valentino Platfrom Pump, $875
15.  Topshop Planet Platforom Moccasins, $190
16.  Valentino Shoe Boot, $703
17.  Christian Louboutin Lisse Ankle Boots, $895

Feature Photo: Olivia Palermo in MiuMiu shoes.  Stylist: Gregory Wein.  Photographer: Matt Albiani

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