Shopping For: The New Noir, Part 1

– By Teresa Greenfeld –

It’s common knowledge that any Manhattan-ite worth her salt has enough black clothing to outfit an entire village of Italian widows.  In the world outside this floating island, I’d bet that many of you have your share of the versitle, go-with-everything color (“when in doubt, wear black” being your creed).  

However, there is a gap in all our respective wardrobes that is lacking in it’s potential black-ness: accessories.  I’m not talking about your everyday black handbag, your staple black pumps, or even your average black evening clutch.  I’m talking about truely spectacular, never to be refered to as “staple” black accessories.  Be it black jewel encrusted flats, a black fur clutch, or even something as simple as a black cuff, it is the  little extra something, taking each piece above and beyond average, and giving us the “New Noir”.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for “Shopping For: The New Noir, Part 2”!


1. Ann Demeulemeester Fur Gloves $1821   

2. Zara Short Lace Glove $16.90    

3. David Yurman Metal Chevron Sunglasses $325  

4. Alexander Wang by Linda Farrow Vintage Semi Square Sunglasses $500

 5.  Prada Baroque Sunglasses $290    

6. Giambattista ValliEmbellished Satin Loafers $575.99  

 7. Giambattista Valli Patent Leather Tuxedo Loafer $439   

8.  Manolo Blahnik Togram Flats $645   

9. Giorgio Armani Flat $595

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