Shopping For: The New Noir, Part 2

– By Teresa Greenfeld – 


There is nothing worse than walking into a cocktail party and seeing seven different versions of your outfit.   After all, we get the same bulleted list of trends every season (“The Color of the Moment!” “The 5 Items You Must Buy This Season!”).  Furthermore, we’ve all been told to follow the same “rules” (The little black dress with a “pop” of whatever that au courant accessory/color/shoe happens to be). I’m surprised we don’t all have identical closets.  

Of course, I may be exaggerating just a tad, but only in the hopes of getting all aspiring fashionistas of the world to go further than just taking trends at face-value.  Turn them around, upside-down, left and right.  Leave the little black dress in the closet, and instead pair the little black necklace with a winter white blazer and cigarette pants.  Throw your hair up in a perfectly messy bun, slip into a daringly short, billowy nude dress and put on the little black earrings.  Trends?  You set them, darling. 

1.  Tom Binns Swarovski Necklace, $2135

2.  Aurélie Bidermann Ulysse Gold Plated Braided Necklace, $1275

3.   Topshop Premium Gunmetal Spike Collar, $100

4.  Mawi Faceted Onyx and Skull Necklace, $625

5.  Alexis Bittar Otto Gold Earring, $295

6.  Finn Angel Wing Earrings, $3400

7.  Rebecca Cashmere Devil Earrings, $420 for stores

8.  Elizabeth Cole Black Bacall Earrings, $233

9.  Jemma Wynne 18k Prive Drop Earrings, Price Upon Request

10.  Marti Agassi Cristy Earrings, $65

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