Shopping For: Urban Safari

– By Teresa Greenfeld – 

African Safari: sprawling canvas tents, illuminated by oil lamps.  Urban Safari: tented organic fruit in Union Square.  African Safari: billowing yards of muslin and sheer, draped linen.  Urban Safari:  billowing plastic bags, hanging from tree branches.   African Safari: wild cougars, hunting for meat.  Urban Safari: wild cougars, hunting for meat.

Channeling “Out of Africa’, urban safari is perhaps one of springs best – and certainly most timeless – trends. Universally flattering colors, forgiving fabrics, and animal-print accents also make it one of its most wearable.  Perhaps you may never go on African safari; take comfort in knowing at least your urban safari wardrobe would be completely impractical there anyway.  Not to mention you don’t have to go to Africa to get your fill of wild game and cat fights.

1.  Charlotte Olympia Don’t Leaf Me

2.  Zadig & Voltaire Khaki Vest

3.  Michael Kors Ecru Saddle Bag

4.  Evocateur Humphrey’s Gold Leaf Cuff

5.  Epice Palm Print Linen Scarf

6.  Michael Kors Zebra Print Pants

7.  Michael Kors Metallic Brocade Pants

8.  Super Lucia Round Glasses

9. Style Tryst Fallen Leaf Cuff

10.  Giambattista Valli Zebra Gown

11.  Antik Batik Jane Shirt

12.  Givenchy Peplum Jacket

13.  Lanvin Suede & Lizard Ballet Flats

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