Shopping For: Woven Accessories

– By Teresa Greenfeld –

Deep within the fashion jungle, lies the species known as “Wovenis Accessoris”.  Identifiable by their entwined, twisted, or wrapped plaits,  the Woven Accessory is a chameleon of sorts, taking form in the shape of shoeshandbags, hats and even in jewelry.  They are a warm weather creature, hibernating during the winter months, except for an occasional and brief migration to beach resorts and islands.

Once spring arrives, the Woven Accessory enters mating season.  Instead of seeking out one of its own, it looks for a desirable human mate, chosen by their ability to present the Woven Accessory with style during their short summer active season.  Typically a monogamous breed by nature,  its mate should never pair too many of the species together at any one time.  In its handbag form, it may be paired with a necklace, hat, or in rare cases, a shoe of its own kind.
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