Shopping the Best of Paris Fashion Week

It’s amazing to think that Fashion month has come to an end. The endless stream of high-end and incredibly creative designs ranged everywhere from the entirely wearable to the extravagantly avant garde, but no matter what your style is, there was something for everyone to love and each designer made it exceptionally easy to do so.

Now as we all bid adieu to the city of lights and return to our own fashion capitals, wherever they may be, we have one more “Best Of” Pinterest board to share with all of you. It highlights all of our favorites from Paris Fashion Week along with shoppable options so you can have the opportunity to shop each fabulous look long before they show up in stores.  So thanks for following fashion month through our eyes (and our Pinterest boards) and make sure to look out for all of the trend stories that are sure to follow!

Click through the links below or sort through the slideshow above to see and shop all of our favorites from PFW!














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