Snapped: Layers for Spring

If there was ever a time to take a note on Springtime layering it’s right about now. In the last week here in NYC, we’ve seen temperatures rise and drop 35 degrees within a blink of an eye, leaving most of our heads spinning about what to wear and how to wear it. So, what do you do when each day you step outside feels drastically different from the next? You take a note from OP herself, a queen at wielding sophisticated yet easy layered looks year-round, showing us a perfect example of pieces that work for this unpredictable weather.

Here, Olivia wears the gorgeous printed pleated ‘Garden of Delight’ skirt by Valentino (a warm weather staple for sure) with a lightly knit camel-colored turtleneck. Layered with Jimmy Choo pointed-toe booties and a light-weight versatile black coat from Dior, the look is polished yet versatile as each piece can easily be swapped or paired with other layering staples from your wardrobe to suit any kind of weather you may have to face.

Photo Credit: Phill Taylor (@philltaylormade)

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