Snapped: Off-Duty

Photo Credit: Jeff Thibodeau

We reference time and time again, the importance of being put-together even when dressing more casual. Things like sleek accessories (like OP’s Sigerson Morrison oxfords, Meli Melo Severine bag and embellished Fendi mirrored sunglasses) help to elevate more casual pieces like her Citizen of Humanity cropped denim. Another key factor? Bringing in something fun that makes more of a statement like this red, white and blue houndstooth Katya Dubryakova coat with colorful embroidery.

Remember, it’s important to play with what you have in your closet and put pieces together that you may not have considered before. Although it can take some time, this is the best way to discover new ensembles you may otherwise not conceive, learn more about your personal style and to get some extra mileage out of your pieces.

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