Spring 2013 New York Fashion Week: Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti

– By Loren Olson – 

Alberta Ferretti treated us to a luxurious form of pajama dressing at the Plaza Wednesday afternoon. The storied hotel’s Oak Room made a fine setting for a collection of intricate silks. It became clear as the show progressed that these were pajamas in fabric only, as the dresses, pants, high waisted skirts and shorts were structured to perfection.
These are clothes tailor-made to summer afternoons and evenings, the patterns zinging through somewhat basic pieces. It is perhaps necessary to balance such a madcap mix of stripes, chevrons, and dots. Where the detailed patterns would be lost on a more complicated silhouette, here they add texture. With the spotlight on patterns, Ferretti caries them from head to matching toe. Many of the palette pairings—light blue with silver, beige with purple, and purple with green—are so pale and fine as to give the faint silvery effect of tie silk. With tie belts, and a real tie in one look, Ferretti may be looking to this menswear staple more than the pajama for inspiration.
Besides the punchy combination of fuchsia with pale blue in the opening looks, the collection featured some daring bustiers. These seemed like a nod to 1950s maillots, a decade where the cropped sweaters in later numbers would be right at home. With the easy prettiness of hair left long and pinned behind the ear, the Ferretti collection is ready to breeze into our summer wardrobe.
Loren Olson is a frequent guest contributor to OliviaPalermo.com.   She spends her free time working on Le Magazine, an independent fashion publication.
Photos courtesy of Style.com

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