Spring 2013 New York Fashion Week: Rachel Zoe

– By Teresa Greenfeld –

Rachel Zoe’s penchant for 1960’s and 70’s nonchalance bohemian-glam, evident in her Fall 2012 collection, has been channelling Jane Birkin and Talitha Getty for Spring.  Citing the two icons as inspiration, Zoe showed a highly styled collection of strong pantsuits (of both wide and slim leg), embellished, slouching t-shirts, textured layers, and silk, sheer, and sparkling maxi-length skirts and dresses.   1960’s London mod influences, done in black and white, shaped one half of the collection; a sleeveless mini dress, a white and black trimmed tunic and flared pants, and a black, short-sleeved blazer, worn over a white button-up romper with black trim. The helmet-hat, appearing in several looks, was perhaps the biggest example of Zoe’s nod to mod.  In fact, the hat was a prominent accessory for the stylist and designer, who also sent wide-brimmed and floppy, Trilby, and fedora style straw hats down the runway.

The second half of spring 2013 through Zoe’s eyes, showed what she is perhaps best known for: 1970s influenced pantsuits of wide and flared leg trousers with fitted blazers, slouching, off-shoulder tops paired with shimmering maxi-skirts, and layered chunky knits worn over silk shirt-dresses.  Proving she long ago made her bones as a stylist, the Zoe touch was clearly present in the details; the way a blazer sleeve was pushed up the arm, exposing the blousey-sleeved top layered underneath, the long gold lariat necklace that hung over draped separates.
Producing constantly wearable collections, Rachel Zoe has shown she know what her audience wants to wear, and Spring 2013 is no exception.
Photos courtesy of Style.com

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