Stormie Mills – A Fish Tale

Here at, we’re always craving fabulous culture in any and all forms whether it be art, fashion, food, home or travel. The latest and greatest on our radar is Australian mid-career artist Stormie Mills who is currently showcasing his first solo exhibition here in the states at The Gabba Gallery in Los Angeles.

The exhibition is inspired by Stormie’s extraordinary body of work, ‘A Fish Tale’, which reflects the broad range of relationships we encounter in our lives. Based on the writings of UK filmmaker, Mark Strong, the two artist’s have been collaborating and inspiring one another since they first met back in 2008.

Mark’s story was created after attending an exhibition in Sydney (also in 2008) and purchasing several pieces of Stormie’s work. This started their relationship of exploring Stormie’s characters together and working collaboratively to refine the story and are now working on bringing this story to life in animation with Stormie’s exhibition at the Gabba Gallery – a continuation of the storyboard.

Stormie Mills explores the human condition and how in spite of the many challenges that life presents, people continue to rise above adversity. Stormie has long included the symbol of a fish in his work as a symbol of the fragility of life. For example, a gold fish is often given to children as their first pet and it is through this process of looking after this fish that children are confronted with this relationship and inevitably the death at the passing of their pet. It is often the first time that children are confronted by death and the idea that everything comes to an end.

For Stormie, these golden creatures stand out amongst his film noir restricted palette of black, grey and white as a celebration of life and at the same time, a reminder that we are all easily broken.

Visit the collection now at The Gaba Gallery through June 18th

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