Stubbs & Wootton

Stubbs & Wootton - Olivia's personal collection.

-By Teresa Greenfeld-


Hardly can one flip through a fashion magazine or scroll through a style blog without coming across a feature that waxes poetically about the ballet flat.  Though unquestionably a style staple, there are times when this classic, well, falls flat.  Beautiful summer sundresses and Hepburn-esque cigarette pants seem as though they would lend themselves to nothing better than a dainty flat, and yet oftentimes the combination renders one a clone of fifty other girls marching off to brunch beside her.

Enter Stubbs & Wootton.  Stubbs & Wootton hand-made slippers for men and women are the shoes of my rock-star fantasies, or perhaps just for those of jumping the line at Bubby’s.  The shape may be classic (think silk smoking jacket and a scotch on the rocks), but the emblems stitched into the top are anything but. The collection includes slippers emblazoned with skulls, swords, and nails, to name a few, and their bespoke section offers five slipper choices for women, two for men, come in at least 13 different colors and trims, and are available in velvet or linen.

Options for embroidery design are endless (10 different skulls, a peace sign, even a cocktail are just a few of the possibilities).  Perhaps all the sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll have taken it’s toll on your memory?  You can also choose to have your Stubbs & Wootton monogramed with your initials in silver or 18 karat gold. Just keep in mind, you’ll need to tell the boy you meet post-Block Party your real name now, or at least one that begins with the same letter.

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