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“I am a sworn enemy of convention.  I despise the conventional in anything, even the arts”

Oozing “old hollywood glamour”, Hedy Lamarr was THE siren of film during the pinnacle decades of MGM’s history.  A born to be pin-up with perfect curves, porcelain skin, bedroom eyes and full red lips, she epitomized what it was to be seductive and has become known as one of most exotic beauties to ever grace the silver screen.  While clearly setting the bar with her looks she was also full of brilliance having co-invented a frequency hopping system that is now used as the basis of mobile technology and military communication, (that’s what we call having both beauty and brains).  From her first movie in 1930, Geld auf der Straße to her last in 1958 The Female Animal, Lamarr swept audiences off their feet, outshining her co-stars even when working amongst some of Hollywood’s most note worth leading men like Clark Gable, Spencer Tracy and Bob Hope.

As for Lamarr’s personal style, while some let go of the glamour that came with the roaring 20’s during the depression era and WWII, Hedy relished in that decadence and brought it into her ultra glamorous ensembles throughout her career on-and off the screen.   Exquisitely tailored tight calf-length pencil skirts paired with matching wrap jackets exhibiting wide exaggerated shoulders and tiny little waists draped perfectly on her frame.  White rabbit bolaro coats layered over delicately beaded cap-sleeved evening gowns that enrobed her body for black-tie affairs.  Layered in jewels of diamonds and emeralds, pearls and rubies, she was seemingly decadent.  By cloaking herself in deep hues of velvet, detailed lace or luxuriously painted silks and chiffons, she perfectly perpetuating her regarded title as “the most beautiful woman in film.”

While she spent her later years solemn in Orlando, Florida, hidden away from the world she had left such a loving impression on, Hedy Lamarr will forever embody everything that personifies what we envision a classic movie-star to be.


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