Summer Haircare 101

Summertime, and the living is easy… but not necessarily for your hair. Heat from the sun degrades the protective protein in hair, which oxidizes the color to a brassy hue, wipes out shine and leaves locks brittle. On top of that, UV rays, follicle-frizzing humidity, and moisture-zapping chlorine and saltwater can parch your tresses.

But fear not, here are some summer hair care tips to keep your locks aglow.


Throw on a mask
To replenish moisture to sun-damaged strands, use a deep conditioning mask like the Bumble and Bumble Quenching Masque at least once a week. Leave the product on as long as possible or sit with it under a dryer or in a steam room. Oils are also essential to smooth and repair locks and can be applied to wet or dry hair. I’m a big fan of Earth’s Nectar Green Olive & Lavender Scalp Oil, which is great for all hair types. The gentle, quick-absorbing formula removes excess buildup, strengthens, and retains moisture and shine while leaving hair looking and feeling healthier and more manageable.


Embrace wet hair
Leaving the house with wet hair is often a big no-no but come summer time you should be doing it more often. Applying a deep conditioner such as Klorane’s Leave-In Cream with Papyrus Milk to wet hair and thoroughly combing through before heading out to the surf or sun offers optimal protection. The heat from the summer sun will open the hair cuticle and help the conditioner to penetrate better.


Step away from the heat styling tools
During the warm-weather months, it’s best to limit your use of the blow dryer and flat iron. When the air is moist, it can take longer to style hair, which can result in further drying and damage. If you absolutely must use styling tools, liberally apply a heat protectant like the ghd Heat Protect Spray beforehand. You can also opt for frizz-free hairstyles like the topknot or messy chignon that don’t require heat and can easily transition into soft waves.


Drink plenty of water
Water makes up approximately one fourth of the weight of a strand of hair and when hair has the proper amount of water, it will respond by being supple, and shiny. Drink a minimum of 8 to 10 glasses of water a day to get gleaming healthy tresses. If you’re a girl who’s constantly on the go, I recommend investing in a BKR Water Bottle. Made from soda-lime glass, it’s durable and protected by a super cute and soft silicone sleeve available in an array of colors, which will ensure you get your daily H2O intake.


Opt for SPF
Ideal for days out in the sun or lounging by the pool, the Phyto Phytoplage Protective Sun Veil protects, hydrates, and nourishes your hair. It’s formulated with UV filter with sunflower extract, mahwa butter, white lotus extract, and sweet almond oil, leaving hair looking supple and shiny as it forms an invisible, anti-dehydration screen. Featuring an invisible anti-dehydration screen, this sun mist protects hair color from oxidation and fading caused by exposure to the sun, sea, and swimming pool.


Bid farewell to the dreaded green hue
Any light-haired girl will tell you that chlorine can give tresses a minty sheen. If your hair starts to turn on you, look for a chlorine-removing shampoo like Aubrey Organics Swimmers’ Normalizing Shampoo, or make like Sienna Miller who reportedly turns to tomato juice to eliminate unwanted tones. As we know from the color wheel, red cancels out green

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