Summer Must Have: Aranaz Bags

While the style of beach bags that are large and embroidered with text are certainly a trend that has continued to run its course for the better part of two seasons or so, Aranaz goes well beyond your fashion-forward tote, providing styles that are not only stunningly sartorial but transfer from beach to evening without any effort in the slightest. They stem from a dream trio design team consisting of mother and daughters Becky, Amina and Rosanna Aranaz.  Having created the line back in 1999, they aim to celebrate living a life in leisure within each and every piece while simultaneously building upon artisanal craftsmanship and commemorating traditional Filipino artistry. Proof of this is easily spotted in each bag which has a handmade touch and sprinkling of exotic. This of course is in part to natural-inspired embellishments and feminine flourishes utilizing materials like seagrass and braided leather along with wood-carved florals, raffia sunbursts and colorful embroidery.

See our favorites from their Fall 2017 collection above and check out more about this amazing brand a

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