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– By Dana Randall –


It’s 6PM en route to Radio City to attend the Samsung UnPacked event to unveil the Galaxy S4 and the unthinkable happens… your iPhone is on 3% battery; your clutch wasn’t large enough to fit your tablet and you are panicking. Asking around for an iPhone charger cable at a Samsung event feels like running into your hairstylist sporting a new cut or color that he didn’t create. It is in these poorly planned scenarios you realize that you could have avoided this situation. Here are our some of our essential tech’sessories to help you get through the day in style.

  • Rummaging through your handbag 10 times a day for your metrocard or office entry keycard is something we like to avoid. Consider this practical phone case that is low profile with two handy slots in the back to hold your cards. We don’t really recommend using this for your credit card and driver’s license, but its great for your security badge, entry key and transit pass.

HEX Solo Wallet Case for iPhone 5

It’s black leather, not bulky which means you can still slip your phone in the pocket of your skinny jeans when necessary.

  • No power, no problem. While the Mophie Juice pack case is great it does add a little extra bulk to your phone. We like to keep a backup power source in our totes for those emergency situations and to recharge our tablet in a pinch. We also highly recommend having more than one power cable, trust us it is worth the investment.

Mophie juice pack powerstation® duo – smart phones & tablets

  • You have dusted you cheekbones with a golden shimmer highlighter and you are looking luminous. Without thinking you hand over your phone to a friend to share a photo of a shoe you are coveting. As your hand is outstretched you glance down to realize your golden shimmer has resulted in a shimmer shame all over your screen! We know it is just your highlighter but it’s still unbecoming.  Another easily portable solution that most ladies overlook is a prepackaged wet screen wipe for your phone. It doesn’t take up any room and will fit in even your tiniest clutch, but it will clean up your screen in a flash.

12 pk Clear Vu Screen Cleaner Individual Wipes Pre-moistened

  • Now if you are bringing your laptop along to an important meeting, being organized is always chic. We love this laptop & document case by Cosmati because it is an everyday essential that has an envelope clutch style inspiration. If you can’t avoid having to take your device with you to a dinner after the office, this case will tuck under your arm without being unsightly.

Cosmati Laptop & Document Case

It’s leather grain with 100% cotton sateen lining features a print that’s a reproduction of an 11th century mosaic.

Based out of New York City, Dana Randall is the CEO of Built by the Factory. As a woman in technology Dana is an entrepreneur with a love for fashion & beauty. You can follow her on Twitter @BBTF_Dana

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Based out of New York City, Dana Randall is the Founder & CSO of FORM MGMT. As a woman in technology Dana is an entrepreneur with a love for fashion, beauty & food. You can follow her on Twitter @DanaRandallNYC or read her recipes at