The Beautiful World of Daniel Hersheson

Every gal knows that the difference between waking up to effortlessly good and formidably bad hair days is the right cut (and the right taming tools for those in-between moments). Lucky for us, London’s Daniel Hersheson has got you covered on both bases.

Hersheson’s London salon is soon to reveal a revamped look that’s been under wraps all summer while they’ve sought pop-up solace down the block at the 5-Star Westbury Hotel.  What to expect? We expect something as modern, boundary breaking and visionary as Hersheson’s own cut and styling techniques.  Known for bridging the gap between runway, industry and real-way hair, Hersheson’s salon rides above the trends, producing styles and innovations that constantly redefine chic.  The ever-contemporary master of the manageable mane recently invented a permanent blow-dry, so your salon visit can take you through 3 to 4 months of sleek, soft and chic locks.  How’s that for haircare that takes you from the salon to the streets.  Looking for a drop in salon-style to-go?  The Hershesons blow dry bars offers a menu of a dozen of-the-minute ‘dos, from a crown of braids to a sleek chignon and every modern imagination of the wave.  Pick your style and you’re in, out and looking marvelous in a mere 30 minutes for £25.

Then there’s the accessories line.  Launching the first professional straightening iron was only the beginning for Hersheson, who has continued to cater to his jet-setting clientele who want versatility and glossy, voluminous perfection both at home and on the go, wherever they may be globetrotting.  The product line has everything to take you from blah to bombshell, from the trio of electronics (dryer, straightener and a waving wand), top of the line brushes, pins, grips and hairbands galore, a Hershesons Batiste Dry Shampoo we’re dying to try, and an array of gorgeously convenient clip-ins and hair extensions that give you instant length, oh la la oomph, plaits, waves, pastel strands, even fringe (British for bangs!).  Not sure what it is you need to achieve your dream do? Just check out the ‘Get the Look kits”.  From Bardot to B52, and Wavy Gravy to Brit-rock Ragabilly, Hersheson’s packaged together all you need to DIY their signature coifs.  At home hair has never looked so good.

Shop and stay on top of hair care, tips and trends at Hersheson’s blog and next time you’re in London pop in for a visit. Your ‘do will thank you.

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Sarah Bertness is the Editorial Manager of social shopping platform, covering the arts, music, fashion and culture from Dallas in her spare time. She has a love for public art, all things vinyl, antiquing, wanderlust, and a good dose of color blocking and print clashing. You can follow her travels and musings on Instagram @sarahbertness.