The Collection of Elizabeth Taylor at Christie’s

– By Carson Sieving –

One might expect the woman who named her perfume “White Diamonds” to have excellent taste in jewelry. Today is the first day of a 3 day auction of Elizabeth Taylor’s personal items at Christie’s — which includes clothing, memorabilia, and, of course, jewelry — and shows that her taste in objects d’artes was as across the map as her taste in husbands. Taylor famously received elaborate gifts from many men — including her frequent co-star Richard Burton, whom she married (and divorced) twice.  Taylor was not merely the Queen of Egypt in the 1960’s epic film “Cleopatra” — but was given a diamond encrusted crown, set in gold and platinum, by yet another of her seven husbands — movie producer Mike Todd.

Some of our favorite pieces from the sale include: Her first edition copy of “National Velvet”; a red Valentino ball gown with a matching beaded evening bag; and a necklace of antique ivory opera passes, a gift from famed Hollywood costume designer Edith Head.  And perhaps the most impressive item in the sale is the thirty-three carat Elizabeth Taylor diamond ring: Because what woman wouldn’t want a quarter ounce diamond named in her honor?  The public’s fascination with Taylor remains so high that the sale merited a global tour, with eight stops on three continents.  Even though a piece of her iconic glamour is for sale at Christie’s this week, Taylor will continue to hold our attention for her legendary beauty, her more than seventy films, and her extensive work as an early and fervent AIDS activist.

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