The Life and Passion of Willem de Kooning, at MoMA

– By Val Bitici –

Willem de Kooning - Pink Angels, 1945

Willem de Kooning once famously proclaimed, “I don’t paint to live, I live to paint.” This simple statement is the unofficial theme of the artist’s impressive retrospective currently on view at MoMA.

A mammoth show that sprawls de Kooning’s 74-year career (painting, drawing, and sculpture) across seven galleries, “De Kooning: A Retrospective” had an impressively long, six-year gestation period. The chronological exhibit carefully traces the evolution of the artist’s works: from a hesitant still life of a jug by a 12-year-old studio apprentice in 1916, to large canvases of broad, bold strokes by an aging, frail master in the 1980s. Over the entire course of his career, he was known for experimenting with different materials such as newspaper and pastels, and playing with techniques such as impasto, collage, lithography, and sculpture. Like a crescendo, de Kooning’s famous, awe-inspiring “Woman” series falls somewhere in the middle of these experiments.

An unconventional approach to historical ideals, de Kooning’s representations of women fused a traditional, age-old subject with daring, contemporary principles. Inspired by the Cubist tendencies of fragmentation, the artist tore apart his models and morphed them into a splattering of over-exaggerated, sometimes barely identifiable features on a canvas: jagged, animal-like teeth, large, devilish eyes, and broad, obtrusive shoulders. This tug of war between figural and abstract art led to an unlikely marriage of the two – a unity that, once reached, was immediately celebrated throughout the art-world as genius.

De Kooning, who died in 1997 at the age of 93, created art until his health started failing in 1990. Stepping onto the sixth floor of MoMA is like stepping into a survey of de Kooning’s career as a student, a painter, experimenter, and teacher – as one of the most prolific artists of all time.

Woman, 1950




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“De Kooning: A Retrospective” is on view at MoMA now through January 9, 2012.






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