The Maasai Project – A Charity Catchup

For anyone that isn’t aware, we here at have an immeasurable amount of support for the Pikolinos x Maasai Tribe project – not just because our own Olivia Palermo is the brand ambassador of the charity but because of all the unbelievable good the project does for the Maasai people.  Since it’s been a little while since we checked in with one of our favorite charities we reached out to find out about some of the amazingly inspirational activities that have been going on within this incredible organization.

Olivia Palermo visiting ADCAM Mara Vision School from Pikolinos on Vimeo.

The Maasai Project was founded back in 2008 thanks to the combined forces of the non-profit foundation ADCAM, the Spanish shoe-wear brand Pikolinos and William, the Maasai tribe leader who fought with persistence everyday for his people to have a better quality of life and a positive future to look towards.  The process starts at the Pikolinos factories where leather pieces are cut, packaged with beads and shipped to be distributed throughout the Maasai tribes so they can be embroidered into handmade, one of a kind murals of design.  As a result, this project has allowed these women to earn their own paycheck for the first time in their lives which in-turn, has allowed over 1,600 families the opportunity to send their children to school and purchase goods such as livestock, clothing and medicine.


Images from the Pikolinos Pop-Up Shop in Soho, New York

Since we last checked-in with this extraordinary charity they’ve grown leaps and bounds in creating opportunities and spreading the word about the amazing individuals invested in this project.  Now onto their fourth collection, the ‘Maasai Project’ has been consolidated on an international level allowing the most amount of women yet the ability to provide for their families in ways they never thought possible.  With a UN gala and a Soho pop-up shop already under their belts, they’ve also expanded with construction of a school for over 100 children, paid salaries, solar panels and last but certainly not least drinkable water to help support the Maasai community as a whole.

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