The Mademoiselle Privé Exhibit Seoul

Oh la la, our hearts be still! Chanel has opened the Mademoiselle Privé exhibit in Seoul, Korea’s D Museum. The exhibit, which originally opened in London in 2015, opened to the public in Seoul late June debuting archival haute couture pieces, high jewelry creations and treasured Chanel No.5 fragrances. All are showcased throughout four levels of the museum in a tasteful and curated fashion, naturally.

The exhibit offers something for everyone. From the die heart historians that have followed Chanel’s legacy for decades, to the young creatives who aspire to be designers and artisans themselves, it is guaranteed that one will leave feeling inspired and well informed. A series of workshops will be offered as well as interactive components like a custom guide app and mazes made of tweed and linen fabrics can be enjoyed by exhibit goers. This is a visual journey into founder, Gabrielle Chanel’s world and Karl Lagerfeld’s most recent contributions to the fashion house.

Opening the exhibit in Seoul was a conscientious decision made by the house to show appreciation and celebrate the love of fashion and overall chicness of South Korea’s men and women. The launch at the D Museum marks the start of what will be a long-term partnership with the country as they open the first flagship boutique in Seoul next year.


The exhibition sentimentally ends with short films directed by Lagerfeld where he is having an imaginary conversation with Chanel who is played by the legendary Geraldine Chaplin.


Should you find yourself in the Seoul area, don’t think twice about putting the D Museum on your list. The exhibit is a limited engagement through July 19th so there is still just enough time to get your Chanel education on!

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Michelle Costa currently works as Senior Account Executive at Network USA, representing various luxury RTW and accessory clients. She began her career at Harper’s Bazaar, Town & Country and Cartier. An original beach bum turned fashion publicist residing on the Upper West Side in NYC. Follow her journey on Instagram @michellemariacosta