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Take a look into three new spots that we’re obsessing over here in the big apple.


At the hands of the very talented (and positively lovely) James Morrissey, comes his latest creation, VNYL. Creator of the popular nightlife spot, The Late Late, VNYL (Vintage New York Lifestyle) again takes inspiration from his Irish roots but combines them with a chic and glamorous 1970’s vibe that incorporates art, decor, music and some of the best cocktails the five boroughs have to offer.

Since opening their doors in September in the buzzy East Village neighborhood, it has provided a much-needed injection of sophistication without being fussy to those of us aching for a more upscale venue in an area known for the college scene. It stands four floors tall with each area having its own personality (the main dining room with two-story ceiling and leather banquettes, the Mezzanine – quaint and tucked away, Black Rose Room with its black lacquered brick walls and hunter green velvet bar seats and the Champagne room surrounded in bamboo walls, powder pink velvet couches and palm-tree leaf printed partitions) yet they are all intertwined by custom-made furniture (created in Ireland and painstakingly shipped piece by piece overseas), black and white photography of famous Ireland born artists, jewel toned decor accents and luxurious textiles.

It would be a disservice not to mention the exquisite beverage program going on behind the scenes at VNYL. Thanks to beverage director, Gareth Howells, who has custom-created the menu using only the best ingredients, VNYL is able to produce what tiny 30-person cocktail lounges put out each night at a scale meant for 400. From the way they cut the ice to the organic fruit flourishes, there is thought and care behind every ingredient and you can taste it within each and every sip. The best part? While you drink your fabulous drink you can dance the night away with amazing DJ’s throughout the weekend, live music on Wednesdays and even movie night on Monday’s as well as partake in their delicious bites all created with sustainability in mind.

Caviar Kaspia

Tucked away on St. Johns Lane in Tribeca, on the 6th floor of the membership only space, Spring Place is holding the pop-up of the famous Parisian restaurant, Caviar Kaspia. For its first time ever being brought to the states, Chef Fabio and his staff are bringing Parisian design and classic french technique to a more flamboyant menu that extends itself from caviar and smoked salmon to fresh pasta dishes like farm fresh egg and ricotta riviolo and champagne risotto with prawns and creme fraiche to a king crab and crayfish salad that is both fresh and fulfilling and will make your mouth water.

A quick background on the groundbreaking Chef Fabio who has taken the reigns of this old and true French menu and turned it on its head without sacrificing technique or taste. He received his training at the prestigious IPSSAR Culinary Institute and began his professional career at the age of 16 by working with Italy’s elite chefs, Pietro Leeman at Joia in Milan and Antonion Ghilardi, current chef at Picci, and has worked directly under culinary guru’s like Danny Silverman and Danny Meyer at Union Square Cafe, SoHo House, Falai and SD26 with Tony May. He then went on to run the kitchen of Giorgio Armani’s flagship restaurant, Armani Ristorante 5th Avenue working closely with Mr. Armani himself participating in many prestigious global events before his current role curating Spring Place’s Farm to Table inspired culinary program.

Thanks to Bureau Betak the decor is a replica of the Paris location and with Tiffany blue linens, a mirrored ceiling and stunning curved carving along cream colored chairs you’re instantly transported to the original staple that has stood the test of time. And however lovely the crown jewel of a restaurant may be, the food provides a full sensory experience to bring the city of lights to the city that never sleeps.


While the ramen trend here in NYC seems to have steadied, that doesn’t mean it’s not always in need of a slight pick me up, (especially in the flatiron district). Fortunately, Japanese Izakaya has opened the very new, ROKI (named after the late founder, Rocky Aoki), a Japanese brasserie serving modernized versions of familiar dishes we’ve come to love here in America and even though it’s only been open a month, we’re suggesting you get your reservation here before it becomes impossible.

The mood is modern yet luxurious as you walk into the open room, grill and kitchen set center stage for all to see. However, as lovely as the decor may be, in the end, you don’t care what the interiors are like because once your first plate is set in front of you, all of your senses are focused on only that. Like with your ramen bowel which is beautifully crafted with your choice of five broths that are poured table-side from a hotpot while Japanese canapes like uni with flying fish roe or snow crab with avocado are lined up on squares of crispy rice. And sure there are plenty of classics like edamame, sashimi and pork belly buns to choose from, however, dare to reach out from your comfort zone to order dishes like, amberjack carpaccio, foie gras duck charsiu or an eel and sancho pepper canape to experience where the yummiest surprises lie.

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