The Ultimate Guide to Color Correcting

From a professional makeup artist point of view, color correcting should only be applied if you’re having skin challenges that need attention before makeup. Concealing rosacea, a nasty pimple, melasma or even hyper pigmentation due to sun damage. To do it for the sake of doing it because its “trendy” really is unnecessary and if not applied properly, can look really heavy in person.
Think about it, why would you add on 10-20 more minutes to your routine every day if you didn’t have to?
Heres a list of products I use on my clients when dealing with dark circles, pimples and hyper pigmentation.
Dark Circles
This pink based concealer is great for fair/light skin tones with dark circles.
Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 3.06.51 PM
This particular duo is great for medium to medium dark skin tones. The formula is build able and doesn’t crease!
This palette of 5 different colors to correct and neutralize redness is incredible and will last you forever.
Hyper pigmentation
This is an insiders secret weapon! These palettes are water resistant, crease proof and long wearing. Best used between a sponge and brush for precision application.

About the Author

Daniel Martin is a Dior Brand Ambassador and the Creative Color Consultant for Honest Beauty. He splits his time between New York, Paris and Los Angeles. Follow him on Instagram @DanielMartin and Twitter @danielmartinnyc