Tips: How to Travel Like A Pro

With summer comes the biggest travel season of them all. From island hopping to simple drives out of state and into the countryside, as the warm weather sets in so does the travel bug. And while most of us try and at least get out of our own cities once or twice, there aren’t many that travel to the extent as our own OP. This then naturally makes her the perfect person to deal out some advice on how to overcome basic travel hurtles (hello mother nature) and lays out what goes into the perfect carry-on bag. So read along below to gain some key tips and shop the slideshow above for some of the things that will help make you the ultimate savvy traveler.


Knowing that the weather is a fashionista’s biggest packing hurdle, how do you overcome it?

I pack a little bit of everything as its always best to be prepared.

When it comes to accessories, how many handbags and pairs of shoes do you bring?

It is important to have various options for both styling and functionality purposes without overpacking.

How do you pack outfits for each day of a trip?

I incorporate layers into my looks so that they can be appropriate for many different settings and occasions.

What do you put in your carry on?

I always carry on-flight a change of clothing, a small amount of toiletries including my makeup, jewelry, a cashmere sweater and socks, and a pair of flats.

What’s your best packing tip?

Pack your shoes in individual shoe bags to protect them but also to make it easier to figure out the jigsaw puzzle of efficiently fitting them in your suitcase. And use Ziploc bags for everything – medicine, lotions, liquids.

PS – I always travel with my Vianel jewelry trays to stay (chicly) organized and add a touch of home to any hotel room.

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