Travel: Hotel Palazzo Avino

In the land of lemons, exists Palazzo Avino, a deluxe hotel residing in the Italian Amalfi coast. Built in what was once a 12th century private villa for an Italian noble family, Palazzo Avino opened as a hotel in 1997. Tucked discreetly in the medieval hilltop village of Ravello, the hotel sits above the Mediterranean, overlooking the coast’s fishing villages.

Originally built in the 12th Century, Palazzo Avino belonged to the aristocratic quarter of Ravello during the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Inside the hotel, one can discover the few original rooms that still remain, such as the entrance hall and a small bathroom, used as a cellar in the restaurant.

The gilded Rossellini restaurant boasts a Michelin star and is amongst the finest in Campania, offering the most current menu in regal, nouvelle fare. Clubhouse by the Sea, allows Palazzo Avino exclusive access in offering guests seemingly idyllic clifftop views, along with private sea access, a swimming pool and seaside dining. The hotels accommodations are decorated with handmade Vietri tiles, antique carpets and furniture from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Once referred to as Palazzo Sasso, before reopening as Palazzo Avino, the hotel exudes the charm of its ancient Italian hilltop village. Turquoise Mediterranean waters greet the terrazo views. Each summer, the town hosts one of the most renowned musical presences in Europe, known as the Ravello (or referenced as Wagner) Festival. The festival features two months of orchestral music, chamber music, jazz and opera, accompanied by unlimited views of the Mediterranean Sea.

As was once home to the aristocratic Sasso family, Palazzo Avino hosted Richard Wagner in the 1880s and film star Ingrid Bergman and director Roberto Rossellini in the 1950s. Upon inaugurating Palazzo Avino officially as a hotel in 1997, Placido Domingo was the first guest. Since then, Palazzo Avino has opened its doors to all alike, searching for a taste of la dolce vita.



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