Travel: Palazzo Manfredi, Rome

When looking for a hotel in any city, one of the key points to take into account is location. But you knew that right? However, have you ever stayed in a hotel that offers you sights, history, and fine wine all within a seven minute radius? We present to you, the Palazzo Manfredi in Rome, a haven of luxury and decadence. Not only is this hotel located in the prime of the capital of Italy, it manifests pure culture and originality. Within a whole 7 minutes you are able to explore some of the best landmarks Rome has to offer. From being built upon the famous gladiator school, The Great Game, to the Capitoline Hill And The Capitoline Museums being a mere six minute trot away.

The Palazzo Manfredi’s rooms and suites, are housed in perfectly manicured grounds, and offer a range of decor and interior options. If you’re looking for something zen and intimate, may we suggest The Prestige Room; overlooking a quiet courtyard, it is made up of a melange of antiquity and modern tech, and makes for a beautiful night, and morning. If you’d like to be surrounded by history and literature, you can take root in The Executive Room, with its mock-library printed wallpaper, and monochrome style, you can come home to a little piece of culture after a day filled with sightseeing. If you don’t want to leave the beauty of the Colosseum behind, you can stay in Palazzo Manfredi’s Master Room, equipped with breathtaking views of the enchanting Roman Amphitheatre, and luxuriously complimenting interior.

Want to make your stay even more regal, then be sure to check out the four breathtaking suites the Palazzo Manfredi has to offer. From your own private gym and whirlpool, to a suite with strategically spaced mirrors to enhance your morning views of the Colosseum, you definitely won’t want to leave.

If you’re feeling a little jet lagged and want to keep it local, a delicious and heartwarming meal cannot be found any closer thanks to the hotel’s in house Aroma Restaurant. With sun drenched views of Rome, and a sunset that can make the Gods dance, eating in has never looked or tasted so good!

To say The Palazzo Manfredi is a must would be an understatement; this hotel is not only a place to sleep when travelling, is it a cultural and historical experience which will feed your hunger for Italy, and leave you stunned and coming back for more.

About the Author

Sabi Datoo-Lalji is a British Fashion Editor and Consultant living in Chelsea, NYC. When she isn't dreaming about Valentino Rock Studs, Sabi can be found practicing yoga and finding zen-like havens for her blog ( Follow her whimsicle footprint on Twitter & Instagram @sabidatoolalji