Travel: The Brando French Polynesia

We’re calling it: we’ve found heaven. It goes by the name of Brando Island and it’s located on Tetiaroa Island in French Polynesia. It’s the most beautiful place in this universe, and if you don’t book yourself at least a week in one of the breathtaking villas, you’re seriously missing out.

We mean, picture this: glistening white sand being washed by the most intense turquoise waters, surrounded by vivid green palm trees. Disruption doesn’t exist in this part of the world, unless you’ve asked the friendliest of all staffs for a favour or assistance, or a sea turtle and rare bird is paying you a visit.

Breakfast is served with juiciest fruits, fresh juices and hot drinks, and of course warm plates of your favourite foods in huts and restaurants placed on the stretch of soft sand – but it’s perfectly ok if you don’t fancy moving from your own choice of villa (there are three to choose from: one, two and three bedrooms) on any (or all) of the mornings, because you’ll therefore be served by your own private pool, deck, or – even better – the beach right in front of your temporary (read: wishfully permanent) home. Lunch and dinner won’t be any less of a luxurious treat; they simply don’t understand what “good” means here, it’s all about excellence.

During the day, take a visit to the gift shop and the luxury pearl shop. Yes, you read that right: a luxury pearl shop, featuring gorgeous designs made by local artists Hinerava and Frédéric Missir. Feeling adventurous? This is still the perfect place to be. Take a pick from paddle boarding, snorkeling, diving and bird watching, all while taking in the stunning idyllic lagoon.

If you still need convincing, you must be out of this world, but perhaps the spa will win you over. Located where the Tahitian royal family once enjoyed beauty rituals, there are a vast number of holistic treatments to choose from. There’s even a yoga shelter – and we bet you haven’t heard about one of those before.

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