Travel Tips: A Sunny Getaway

Packing for the sun is always a challenge. We’re usually leaving a bleak, grey town, and the last memories of sand and sunburns are far off in the distance. So how can you make sure you arrive ready to make the most of your time in the tropics?  Here’s a short list of ways to escape the rain and truly “shine.

•   If you’re off to a remote island with a tiny airport, a small jet is likely the way you’ll get there so you may need to limit how many suitcases you bring.  One way to make sure your luggage is not “overweight” is to pack items that do double duty.  To help, we love brands like Belusso and Emanuela Corvo that have plenty of options to choose from, allowing for an easy transition from beach to restaurant.

•   Purigenex Intensive Collagen serum is ideal for soothing a sunburn.  It has to be refrigerated but is more than worth the extra effort since there’s nothing less elegant than sun damage. Institut Esthederm makes wonderful sunscreens. INSIDER TIP: If you’re headed to anywhere in Europe, buy your sunscreens once you’re there (or if you’re going elsewhere from Europe, grab before you go). European sunscreen is very advanced consisting of effective ingredients that are still awaiting FDA approval here in the states.

•   Pack Jo Malone’s body butter in English Pear and Freesia. Keeps your skin soft and you won’t need to bring fragrance.  Also, since it’s a cream, you won’t need to worry about a perfume bottle breaking in your bag!  Nars Body Glow with Monoi Oil is also great for a post beach glow and the scent is heavenly. If you don’t want to travel withglass, put it on when you get home the scent will make you think your vacation isn’t over!

About the Author

Kirsten Sarkisian is the founder and Creative Director of Belusso, a line of swimwear and cover-ups designed to fit perfectly into a laid-back, luxe lifestyle. Sarkisian insists that her line not patronize women's fashion sense when it comes to what to wear to the beach or pool. She lived in Paris for years, now calls LA home, but escapes to La Plage Pampelonne as often as possible. Check out her line at and follow her musings about how to stay stylish at the beach on instagram @belussostyle.