Travel: Tortuga Bay at PUNTACANA Resort & Club

“There were glorious times in Punta Cana, always dancing, always singing, taking the kids out to swim with the dolphins when they were little”

– Ana Wintour remembering the late Oscar de la Renta via

Tortuga Bay is seeping with a laid-back luxury that is hard to come by. The authenticity of free-spirited, no-clock island life full of lovely and helpful people compliments the personalization and extraordinary housing that surrounds the property. The 13 daffodil yellow Oscar de la Renta designed expansive beachfront villas are complete with sunken jacuzzi tubs in coral floored bathrooms with a spread of Oscar de la Renta products, individual kitchenettes, king-size four-poster beautifully woven canopy beds and large french doors that open to balconies overlooking the beach, allowing you to fall asleep to the sound of the waves each evening. In fact, pushing open the doors and breathing in the sea breeze with the sun on my face each morning and watching a kaleidoscope of cotton candy colors appear as the sun set each night was a highlight in itself throughout the trip.

Upon arrival at PUJ, as a permanent resident or guest of Tortuga Bay, the VIP treatment instantly begins.  As PUJ is privately owned by the Resort & Club, a staff member will be there to greet you and whisk you away from the horror of custom lines as you sit aside comfortably and within five minutes comes back with your passport and paperwork and escorts you to your private car service to the glamorous property to then receive your very own golf-cart for your personal use to explore the property however you see fit during your stay.





A spa on a resort is certainly something to expect (whats’s vacation without some R&R after all?) but the ultra soothing and elegant seven-room scene of serenity named The Six Senses Spa is unlike most you’ll come across in the Caribbean and in fact, is the only one of its kind that exists in the Americas. Using only organic products for their treatments combined with Asian techniques passed onto their trained therapists from their Thailand locations, we were fortunate enough to experience luscious facials with milk and honey masks and deep-tissue massages that make your shoulders drop and allow you to fully decompress leaving the stresses of home far far away.


Residing in the heart of the resort stands an exclusive Oscar de la Renta luxury boutique full of products exclusive to the Tortuga Bay location. The intimate yet luxurious space holds everything from floor-sweeping embroidered caftans, coral home decor pieces, metallic laser-cut resort mules, chic and vibrant handbags, beaded moccasins and a plethora of earrings and jewels that would make anyone’s heart skip a beat. 

odlr-shop odlr-shoes odlr-jewels

While the crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches and beachside service will certainly keep any beach bunny happy (it certainly did for us) we also had a fabulous time taking part in activities throughout the properties. Perfectly manicured golf courses overlooking the ocean, clay tennis courts where you can receive private lessons or as we did, paddle board off the shore to the bluest sand bar in the middle of the atlantic, there’s really plenty for everyone to enjoy.   paddleboarding golf-course

With so much personal attention constantly provided to their guests, truly the most impressive part about Tortuga Bay and the PUNTACANA Resort & Club is their ecological foundation and reserve.  While eco-friendly and sustainability are terms tossed around far too often lately, the reserve is unlike anything I’ve ever read about never-mind come across in person.  We were presented with all of the incredible projects they’re constantly putting effort towards and they span from farming and agriculture, eliminating waste and repurposing products to coral reef restoration and fishing population control. In fact, there’s so much to show and explain that we’ll be discussing it in more detail (plus the incredible food that comes from it) in part two of this travel post…





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