TSA Approved Beauty Must Haves

Considering the length of time I’m away or who I’m working with, I have mastered the art of carrying certain essential products with me on board rather than checking in my full makeup kit. This helps save time deplaning and also the possibility of losing my kit entirely.

heres a short list of great “TSA approved” makeup and skincare products that’ll save you space when traveling this summer.”
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Whats great about this foundation is that it can be sheered down or built up maximizing your coverage. Use it as a concealer or mix it with moisturizer for something more sheer.
Travel friendly and really packs a punch of payoff in 9 different colors for lips and cheeks. I love Burgundy for dark to deep skin tones.  
I love every single product in this line but this facial mist is a MUST whenever and wherever you’re going! Its great to rehydrate during a long flight and refreshes your makeup.
This lip pomade intensifies as you apply and gives the most natural glowing lip color without the stickiness or high shine of a gloss. Dab it on the apples of your cheeks to get that lit-from-within-glow too. Very real and very chic!
I use this on long hauls to Paris or red eyes from L.A. This super hydrating serum keeps my skin plump and refreshed for hours in the air. I also found it helps soothes skin after being out in the sun to long too.
Great product to fake tired skin off a red eye and also to amp up day-to-night makeup in one swipe. This will be a purse staple, trust!
This solid form of my favorite gender neutral fragrance is perfect for travel and you’ll never feel or smell funky after a long flight again!

About the Author

Daniel Martin is a Dior Brand Ambassador and the Creative Color Consultant for Honest Beauty. He splits his time between New York, Paris and Los Angeles. Follow him on Instagram @DanielMartin and Twitter @danielmartinnyc