Utilizing Outdoor Spaces of ALL Sizes

Design your outdoor space like an extension of your home. Be sure to match the design of the interior to the exterior. For example, if you are using blues within your home carry that same color scheme to the outside rather than introducing a new color. This allows for the entire design to stay cohesive.

When working with a small or large outdoor space making conversation areas is key in creating a social atmosphere. From two small chairs and a side table to a large dining table any sort of designated sitting area makes the space inviting and intimate.

Sometimes an outdoor space can seem like a large open boring yard, but using outdoor rugs helps define the space and anchor the furniture. Outdoor rugs can also be a nice soft material to introduce amongst the hard surfaces that are commonly used outside. – Don’t forget about other soft goods when it comes to outdoor design. Nowadays a variety of brands are making stain resistant pillows and cushions that add that extra comfort and coziness to any outdoor space.

5 things to make your outdoor soiree one to remember:

1) Games for all ages can be a great perk to a party. It allows for a little competition but a lot of fun memories. Shop Terrain carries well designed nostalgic games like CroquetBocce, or Horseshoes.

2) Cooler’s no longer have to be for Soccer Moms only.  CB2 offers a sleek and modern rolling cooler. This is a great way to keep guests hydrated and happy.

3) Lighting. String lights are always a go-to addition for mood lighting but also think about other decorative lighting like floor lanterns. RHShop Terrain, & Target provide great options for all different budgets.

4) Unique Furniture. Think outside the box when it comes to choosing furniture.  Like adding this S&L Hanging Chair or this Anthropologie Hanging Chair, playful but also a beautiful design.

5) Splurge on potted plants. Even if you have a garden or plants in the ground think about adding potted plants enhances the charm and whimsy of an outdoor space, especially with these from Pop Up Greens that are hand painted.

About the Author

After earning a Bachelor in Communications from the University of Southern California, Haley pursued her formal design education at the University of California at Los Angeles Extension and earned her Certificate in Architecture and Interior Design with distinction. Haley’s impeccable design instincts and her efficient, bootstrapping approach to challenges are only outdone by her disarming positivity and charm.