Van Cleef & Arpels’ Holiday Windows

Fairytales seem to be a popular theme this season and not just in clothing and accessories. Thanks to the famed artist and visual storyteller Douglas Little (a man whose resume includes window dressing department store giant, Bergdorf Goodman) with the help of the Maison jewelers of Van Cleef & Arpels, their famous flagship windows have been transformed for all passerby’s to enjoy this holiday season featuring the old French fairytale Peau d’Âne.  Written by Charles Perrault, while you may not have heard of Peau d’Âne before now, you certainly know of the other children stories penned by the famous author, (we assume Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Little Red Riding Hood may ring a bell or three).thumbnail-42

The five windows are individually designed to feature each part of the Peau d’Âne story accented with stunning jewels to provide an additional dimension to the windows entirely. Starting on west 57th st. and moving around to the front of the store on 5th avenue, you can follow the romantic fairytale in five different chapters.


Childhood at the Castle:

Once upon a time, in the quiet of an enchanted castle, there lived a Princess. However, her carefree existence would soon be shattered with the death of the Queen and a madness that gripped the King…



Advised by her Lilac Fairy, the Princess fled to the enchanted forest with her most precious possessions: a mirror, her jewels and the dresses gifted to her by her father…


 Enchanted Forest:

One Sunday, while walking in the forest, the Prince of the neighboring kingdom caught sight of the Princess. He fell in love at once, as did the Princess… 


Love Cake:

Hoping to see the Princess again, the Prince asked for a cake baked by her fair hand. Upon discovering a ring in the cake, the Prince vowed to marry the girl to whom it belonged. Hundreds of hopeful girls flocked to the Prince’s castle… Alas, the Prince was reunited with the Princess when the ring slipped perfectly onto her finger…


Happily Ever After:

The two kingdoms were united with the announcement of the Prince and Princess’ marriage. Guests gathered from all corners of the world to celebrate a fairytale wedding graced by true love.


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