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With the travel season nearly here, we thought we’d help provide something to help keep you busy during the hours of travel (whether it be on a train, plane or automobile) that doesn’t require a single bar of service or a password for wifi.  See below for what we’re currently reading and what we’re loving about it to give you a few ideas of your own for what to dive into to help the time fly by.

I am currently reading (almost finished with!) The Big Life, by former editor-in-chief Ann Shoket. As a cheerleader for millennial women, Shoket drives the importance of getting there on your own terms. The book discusses continuing motivation for your side hustle, curating a supportive network of young, power ladies around you and ultimately exemplifying that when women actually empower each other, the odds are limitless. The Big Life is a guide, but more so with the sentiment of a friend giving you that necessary pep talk. It is insightful, empowering and further proves what we have always believed: women can have it all. – Jennifer Paccione

Sexual violence has become so prominent in recent years that the feminist term “rape culture” has finally entered the mainstream. But what, exactly, is it? And how do we change it? In this book, Kate Harding answers those questions in the same blunt, no-nonsense voice that has made her a powerhouse feminist blogger. Combining in-depth research with practical knowledge, it makes the case that twenty-first-century America – where it’s estimated that out of every one hundred rapes only five result in felony convictions – supports rapists more effectively than victims. Harding offers ideas and suggestions for addressing how we as a culture can take rape much more seriously without compromising the rights of the accused. – Gracie Stewart

“I like myself “
“Chocolate me”
“Marvelous me”
“It’s okay to be different “
“Full , Full, Full of love “
“Thunderboy Jr”
“Ada twist Scientist “
These books are helping us to teach our 5 year old son about self-love and treating everyone with respect. For example, “It’s Okay to be Different” teaches him that its okay that we all look a little different, some of us have different hair, different smiles, different skin-tones, some of us walk on both feet, while some of us may use a wheel chair to get around. It really focuses on accepting everyone for who they are, even if they are a little different from all of us. – Lacy Redway

Tim Ferriss is all about distilling loads of information on self- and life-optimization (i.e. he also wrote The Four Hour Workweek) into digestible and easy to follow roadmaps for the laymen (or laywoman).  Tools of Titans is a 674 page collection of interviews with all sorts of experts and titans on topics such as health, wellness, prosperity, investing, biohacking, time management, mindfulness, social media, the list goes on – there is something for everyone!   You can pick a topic and immediately learn, even if you only have 5 or 10 minutes to skim a section.  It’s a massive book and I love re-reading certain interviews.  My favorite quote from it at the moment: Being busy is a form of laziness – lazy thinking and indiscriminate action.”  And my favorite health tip: Chryotherapy.  – Sarah Berner

Maybe it’s the die-hard Jersey girl in me but I am currently reading “Born To Run” by Bruce Springsteen. Having grown up in the same town of Mr. Springsteen himself, some of my favorite childhood spots and best memories are found throughout the rockstar’s lyrics. Springsteen’s music means home for me and I love nothing more than the sea salt air of Monmouth County beaches. The book is a fascinating insight of the man who plays four hour shows during sold out tours and shops at his local grocery store while wearing Rag & Bone jeans and a leather jacket. The reality of depression, family struggles, heartbreak and love is so real, making him just like us. If you want to laugh and even shed a few tears while finding your inner groupie this is the book for you. – Michelle Costa
“Material Girl, Mystical World.” by Ruby Warrington. I am loving the digestible way spirituality is talked about in this book! Written in a ‘cool older sister voice’, it teaches the modern-day girl how to balance both, her want for fine leather goods, and her need for crystal healing, tarot cards, and meditation. It’s perfect for anyone who is dipping their toe into a variety of spiritual elements. It’s non-judgemental, highly approachable and extremely funny.” – Sabi Datoo-Lalji
“What Happened” by Hillary Clinton. As hard as it might be to quasi re-live the past election for some of us, this book is a beautiful read. It not only provides insight into the depths of the last presidential race but humanizes a great amount of the individuals we only get a glimpse of or read things about throughout it’s pages. Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s words are funny, powerful, at times somber but at the base of it all, very very real. – Jillian Magenheim

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