Winter Skincare Overhaul

Your skin is the largest organ of the body, and at times the most neglected. People tend to forget that the signs of aging are more noticeable on the skin – face, eye area, neck, décolleté and the hands. Then of course there are the outside forces that also affect the skin too – UV rays, climate and environmental changes – they all play a part to how our skin looks.

So what will help improve your skin I hear you ask….Well, its simple, in all seasons come rain or shine its important to have regular sleep patterns, a healthy balance diet, exercise, drinking plenty of water, the taking of vitamins and supplements, using the correct creams for your skin’s needs/concerns (a beauty therapist can help with this). Its also important to have a deep cleanse facial to help promote or kick start a healthier feel and look to your skin as this will help prevent dull dry flaky lifeless skin as we all have encountered this in the cold winter days.

So the question metaphorically speaking is in the winter when we go out we wrap up warm right?? We start by putting on our winter coat but then we still feel we need more protection from the cold so we put on our hat, scarf, gloves and still feel the need for more? What protection does your skin on your face have? Just like your body, it’s all about weather proofing your skin. Sure, nature gives us natural protection but during the winter months we need to give it some extra help by cocooning and enveloping your skin.


Eye & Lip mask – this is better than using a lip balm as it can be used during the day to protect the lips – handbag essential! It doubles as a treatment mask for the lips and eyes to use as and when required. Leave overnight for intensive treatment 1-2 times per week, ideally partnered with Matis Delicate Night care mask. Which you can also be slept overnight in for ease of use 1-2 times per week. To replace the comfort which is stolen by the winter conditions.

Night care mask Use at night for 5 days to give an intensive treatment or use 1-2 times per week to comfort the skin.

Sos nutri + – If you feel the need to protect your body call SOS nutri body to the rescue, providing intensive nourishment for the skin.

Climatis This is the equivalent of pulling out your winter coat for that extra warmth and cocooning protection, which would be put away once spring has sprung and then a lighter protection is required.


Other points you can include:

What we need to do during winter months – Maintain good skin condition, protect, hydrate, provide extra nourishment during winter months.

Not only the cold weather will affect the skin but the extra factors we don’t realise, for example – windy conditions – we need to give weather protection and waterproofing for our skin,  central heating, fires and the extremes of going cold to hot, hot to cold (leaving buildings) this can cause broken capillaries and can cause or intensify sensitivity.

Just remember everything you do is a choice but…also remember prevention is always better than cure!

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