Color Theory:
How to Master The Glitter Eye

Tackling the all-sparkling glitter eye can be tricky. Add in scorching temperatures and things can get messy, too. We've got your step-by-step guide on how to master makeup's coolest trend.

Apart from filing taxes or running into an ex, there’s not much else quite as daunting as attempting a glitter eye. You know what we’re talking about — those sparkly, backstage runway beauty moments on Pinterest and Instagram that you bookmark, telling yourself you’ll try it out next time you go out (or for a special occasion like fêting a chunky tax return or outfit-friendly weather), but then never do because makeup’s expensive and almost nothing (literally nothing) beats a trusty smoky eye? Not to mention the success rate, which is lower than cracking the Da Vinci Code. Face it: They’re messy, short-lived, and take a while to get just right. But aren’t they beautiful?

That’s why we sought out a makeup artist who knows her way around a kit of glitter pots to show us how it’s done — er, rather, that it can be done. Enter: Anastasia Durasova. The Siberian makeup guru has just the advice you need to become your own master of the novel beauty look so you don’t leave the house looking like dreckitude (that’s André Leon Talley for ‘hot mess’) or finding yourself in front of the bathroom mirror reapplying all night. It’s time for your closeup.

Vintage shirt; Eugenia Kim head scarf.

The Best Glitter For A Night Out
One of my favorite glitter products is 2-in-1 glitter mixed with glitter base. They are easy to apply and mess-free. Try Lemonhead’s Spacepaste for a chunkier, more colorful look. Use a synthetic brush or clean fingertip to apply.

Another favorite mess-free yet gorgeous glitter is Glitter and Glow from Stila. This product has an applicator and works on clear skin, or on the top of eyeshadow or eyeliner.

How To Get It On
When working with loose glitter, a nice glitter base is a must have. The NYX Cosmetics "Glitter and Pigment Base" and "Glitter Glue" from Ben Nye are both great.

Step 1: Prep your eyes/lips with desired makeup application. Pro tip: Color glitter looks the best on darker background, so choose darker shades of eyeshadows or lipstick.
Step 2: Using your finger (or brush), apply a small amount to the base and wait for a second so it gets sticky.
Step 3: Clean your finger if you used it for the base application and dip it into loose glitter. Pat the glitter onto your closed eyelid, pressing the finger to make sure the glitter is sticking to the base. And that’s it!

Ermanno Scervino top.

How To Get It Off
If you have a lot of glitter on, use sticky tape to remove most of it and then wash your face with a cleanser. 

Yes, You Can Recycle Glitter
I have a jar where I mix all of my glitter leftovers of different sizes and shapes. It looks like a rainbow and it's fun to use this mixture. If you only have one or two glitter products you are not going to use, find a friend who would use it — that's the best way to recycle unwanted product. Dancers, artists, performers, etc., will be happy to receive a shiny gift.

N°21 coat.

Don’t Forget!
Apply eye makeup (everything but mascara) before applying the glitter. Then, apply foundation. If you have full makeup on, cleaning the fall-offs will be a problem. I like using eye patches when applying loose glitter to the eyes. Fallen pieces of glitter will end up on the patch. But the best way to pick up fall-offs is Scotch tape. I wrap a pencil at the end of a brush handle with tape (sticky side out) and roll it in the areas with lots of glitter. (Add fresh tape if necessary because it loses stickiness really fast.) Use a mascara comb to brush your lashes to get all the fallen glitter out. Then, apply mascara.

Eugenia Kim head piece.

When applying glitter on the lips, use long-wear liquid lipstick as a base. Regular lipstick will move and smudge leaving your lips a mess in just an hour or two after the application. Once your long-wear liquid lipstick is dry, put a glitter base on top of it and apply glitter using your finger. Hold a tissue right under your lips while applying the glitter to protect your face from fall-offs.

Also important: When working with loose glitter, don't apply concealer and foundation first. Finish the eyes, pick up the fall-offs, and then do your skin.

Always use cosmetic grade glitter when working with lips and eyes (just a safety tip).

Credits Photographed by Yulia Gorbachenko; Makeup by Anastasia Durasova at The Wall Group; Hair by Dennis Lanni at Art Department; Modeled by Hilal Ata at FORD Models.
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