Why The End Of Summer Is The Best Time For A Facial

Did you know: Your skin's cellular turnover is approximately every 28 days?

Photo: Katleho Seisa/Getty Images.

Face it: Facials are confusing. For steep prices, the results are temporary. They usually do more damage before good. And you can have them done professionally or do them yourself.

But alas, there’s a reason facials still attract everyone from Baby Boomers to Generation Z  —even against the rise of a natural skincare industry that, as of January, has contributed $1.6 billion to a $5.6 billion overall skincare business). In other words, anyone reared on the idea that beauty doesn’t always come from within doesn’t care.

It’s why, as summer rounds out its last doses of Vitamin D, we’re on the market to regenerate our skin — post-beach, post-rooftop, post-Aperol Spritz blitz. Just in time for fall, New York-based dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross, a favorite of Olivia Palermo, has some words of advice for when it comes to figuring out just when to get a facial. (Because, like fashion, our skin has seasons, too.)

“The end of summer is probably the best time for a facial because it liquefies all the buildup that accumulates on the skin and inside pores from a long hot and humid summer,” Dr. Dennis Gross says. “Then again, there is really no right or wrong time of the year to get a facial. Actually, I recommend that my patients come in for a facial once per month all year round to reap maximum benefits. If you think about it, your skin’s cellular turnover if approximately every 28 days, so this timing makes sense – unless your dermatologist tells you differently.”

If a facial per month isn’t in your budget, a retinol cream is one-stop shop when it comes to cellular turnover and bright, clean-looking skin. But Dr. Gross is also correct when he says there are endless facial combinations and variations that you can opt for depending on the condition of your skin and your overall skincare concerns and goals. “Some facials are more invasive and require more downtime than others. I highly recommend finding a dermatologist or aesthetician who is able to create bespoke facials that target specific needs.”

That’s where medical facials come in, by the way. “At my practice, we customize our medical facials to target the specific skin concerns of each patient. Depending on the skincare needs of each individual, be it wrinkles, brown spots, acne or other, we can mix and match additional treatments such as chemical peels and lasers, to layer over our facials for even better results.” Science, man. “Our goal is to tailor a treatment plan for every patient.”

So, you heard the man: The time to slough off any unwanted side effects of summer elements, the time is now (cucumbers are optional).

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