A Letter from Olivia:

Dear all,

As a global community, we will get through this together. And by working together, we can help the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis pass more quickly. Practice common sense, listen to authorities, and stay home if you are able.

To help some of those who are being affected by this crisis, and will continue to be affected in the coming weeks, we have donated to Feeding America. As a global brand, we understand that so many of you are facing this crisis in countries all over the world and encourage you to support your local food bank by donating any amount you can afford to give. We also want to hear from you on what organizations providing aid are making the most impact in your communities.

We will continue to post our usual fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content here as, what is for many of you, a much-needed respite from the reality happening around us. Social media is an incredible tool with which to communicate and inform, but it is also a wonderful way of showcasing the beauty and brilliance our world has to offer, especially in times of darkness.


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