What to Watch: Our Team's Fashionable Movie Guide

From "Clueless" to "Funny Face", these are the films that uplift our spirits with inspiring clothes to boot.

"Funny Face", 1957 Photo: Archive Photos/Getty Images

Movies can be cathartic and an entertaining distraction— helping us escape into beautiful visual worlds, different periods, and the exciting narratives played out on in the cinema. In this current situation, movies are even more welcomed, especially when they highlight any fashion lover's interest: gorgeous costumes. Here, we asked team OP to share the fashionable films they love the most (including some of Olivia’s personal favorites) and hope that they'll inspire your next home screening, too. Plus, for fun we’ve included shoppable picks that evoke each of these stylish movies. Happy watching!

The Wizard of Oz
Historically, this was one of the first films presented in technicolor, and you can imagine the wonderment that provided to audiences in 1939. Plus, our VP of Communications & Partnerships reminded us that it created the most coveted accessory of all time—ruby red slippers, of course. 

"The Wizard of Oz", 1939 Photo: Everett Collection

This wartime romance is our Assistant Designer's pick as it's filled with famous, quotable lines and structured '40 silhouettes to love. In the final scene, the trench coats and striking hats are extra-memorable.

"Casablanca", 1942. Photo: Warner Brothers/Getty Images

To Catch a Thief
Grace Kelly is the epitome of elegance in this romantic thriller directed by Alfred Hitchcock. It was filmed on the French Riviera, and our Market Editor's favorite look is Kelly's chic black and white beachwear by legendary costume designer Edith Head.

"To Catch a Thief", 1955. Photo: Getty Images

Auntie Mame
One of Olivia's personal favorites tells the heartwarming story an orphan that goes to live with his eccentric, free-spirited aunt. Mame's glamourous and colorful looks, coupled with the late '50s interiors, make this a must-see.

"Auntie Mame", 1958. Photo: Getty Images

Breakfast at Tiffany's
Many films in Audrey Hepburn's oeuvre including "Funny Face" contributed to her fashion icon status, especially as she was the muse to the late Hubert de Givenchy. “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” led to one of her most identifiable roles and her "little black dress" designed by Givenchy is one of the most recognized costumes of all time.

"Breakfast at Tiffany's", 1961. Photo: Getty Images

Saturday Night Fever
Disco fashion is entirely distinctive, and this film showcases the funky era in all its glory: wide collars, flowy chiffon jumpsuits, wide-leg pants, and lots of sequins.

"Saturday Night Fever", 1978. Photo: Getty Images

Dirty Dancing
This film delivers the quintessential summer wardrobe of our Editorial Manager's dreams: breezy knotted shirts, eyelet dresses, and high-waisted shorts. The outfits may inspire and instinctive twirl yourself, especially considering the mood-boosting soundtrack.

"Dirty Dancing", 1987. Photo: Vestron Pictures

From Cher Horowitz's matching plaid skirt sets to her "totally important designer" red dress, this '90s cult-classic has so many fantastic outfit moments that our full team agrees on. Also, who wouldn't want Cher's virtual closet app in real life?

"Clueless", 1995. Photo: Getty Images

Cruel Intentions
Another favorite '90s teen movie but with a much darker twist. Set at a Manhattan prep school, this movie is filled with minimalist luxuries like silky slip dresses. Our Social Media Manger notes to watch as the wardrobe cleverly shifts to portray the innocence and wickedness of the main characters. 

"Cruel Intentions", 1999.  Photo: Columbia Pictures/Getty Images

Something's Gotta Give
Olivia loves a Nancy Meyer's movie, and we've been taking style cues from the effortless, monochromatic outfits worn by Diane Keaton. The classic blouses and tonal ensembles work for any woman at any age.

"Something's Gotta Give", 2003. Photo: Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.
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