A Mad Hatter's Club: Making
The Case For Fashion Hats

They're big, they're boldso what?

There's no denying that it’s just plain fun to get dressed up. But there are two sides to the coin when it comes to exercising one’s right to style. For some, every day is a chance to flex their sartorial muscle. For others, going high-glam is reserved for special occasions and special occasions only.

But no accessory represents this other than the fashion hat: the piece of your look that you could technically go without, but sometimes, just don’t want to.

Some newsworthy fashion hat moments to note: Philip Treacy’s artistic Royal Wedding creations (including anything made custom for Lady Gaga), the Vivienne Westwood topper for Pharrell, Kentucky Derby styles, the bucket hat now co-opted by just about every luxury fashion house under the sun, Calvin Klein 205W39NYC’s balaclavas — and the list goes on.

But hats, like the topper to a Christmas tree or the cherry on the cake, just make everything better. It’s why, for fall, we’re opting for larger-than-life accessories from bespoke brands like Genevieve Rose and Eric Javits. Because the closer the hat, the higher to… well, you get it. But really: When it comes to personal style, life's too short to play it safe.

Not convinced? Just ask Audrey Hepburn, who once said, "Life is a party. Dress like it." (We'll see you at the races.) In the meantime, shop our favorites below.

Credits Photographed by Jason Kim; Styled by Jacqueline Zenere; Makeup by Chris Colbeck; Hair by Marty Harper; Modeled by Jieun Hyeon at Supreme Management and Lindsay Whidby at New York Model Management; Produced by Marcos Fecchino.

Hero Image
Graham Tyler hat; Alejandra Alonso Rojas suit.
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