Lights, LED, Action!

You’ve seen it all over your feed: futuristic masks with colorful lights behind the facade. We scoured the scene to discover the best of the best and explain why they matter.

It's no surprise that the latest and brightest beauty crazes are often science-backed. Light-emitting-diodes (or LED for short) have become extremely popular, but did you know the technology was initially developed by NASA to support plant growth in space? As research boomed, dermatologists caught wind of the technology’s regenerative properties and began offering treatments at their offices. Fast forward to now, and LED/light therapy devices are portable yet provable, with a lengthy list of promising results. From the ability to reduce fine lines and age spots to skin cell stimulation, pore refinement, brightening effects, and more—these high-tech gadgets may be the solution to your biggest skin woes. Many beauty aficionados also love the devices’ non-invasive nature and at-home ease. No pain, no injection, just a warm sensation as it works its magic.

The trick for finding the right light therapy device is using one that fits your personal skincare needs. Here, we’ve sourced our favorite products that utilize LED technology in all different areas.

Joanna Vargas 20 Minute LED Session, $150, available exclusively at Joanna Vargas’ Spas.

The Body Healer: Celebrity facialist and skincare expert Joanna Vargas has ingeniously harnessed the technology to create a full LED bed. Think about the radiance of a tanning bed but without any damage to your skin. Advantages of this treatment include: skin repair at a rate 300% faster than average, increased collagen production, inflammation reduction, and pore shrinkage. Best of all? Vargas boasts the bed can also painlessly reduce stretch marks, wrinkles, cellulite, and sun damage. The spa recommends booking a session once a week for six weeks to achieve peak results. However, you do have to be in New York or Los Angeles to frequent a bed.

Azure Radiance, $259, and Orion, $199, available at

The Spot Solution: Azure’s two devices give the user full control. Pinpoint your ideal treatment with the larger Radiance or smaller Orion, by gliding the round lens to any desired area. A timed 3-minute session begins as soon as you hit the start button, and the LED treatments automatically stop when not in contact with the skin. For best results, use this clinically proven light therapy five days a week for two months.

Dr. Dennis GrossDRx SpectraLite EyeCare Pro, $159, available at

The Eye Reviver: Dr. Dennis Gross was a light therapy pioneer, and the brand has since developed an at-home mask to target the eyes. With 80 LEDs, the SpectraLite EyeCare Pro adjusts to any face and tackles the most engrained fine lines. You can also expect firmer skin, a collagen boost, and minimized crow’s feet in just two weeks.

Foreo UFO, $279, available at

The Skincare Add-On: Marketed as a “smarter way to mask," the Foreo UFO should be coupled with a favorite face mask or serum for best results. The device toggles between three types of modes: Cryotherapy to depuff/shrink pore appearance, Thermo-therapy to soothe, and a T-sonic pulse mode to boost mask absorption. There are also three different LED light settings: red to combat signs of aging, blue to target acne-causing bacteria, and green to brighten the skin. For even further innovation, the device connects to an app that tracts usage and offers beauty tips.

reVive Light Therapy® Lip Care—Naturally Fuller Lips, $99, available at

The Pout Perfecter: In addition to all of the usual benefits of LED therapy, reVive’s Lip Care product uses a powerful red light, which is said to smooth the vertical lip lines/creases that deepen as we age. This device also helps increase blood flow and plumps the pout in the process. Overall, the tone of your lips will be enhanced—allowing for an extra, even base for holiday lipstick.

Angela Caglia Cellreturn LED Wireless Mask, $1,900, available at

The Full-Face Pro: This innovative gadget is the crown jewel of LED masks. With an impressive number of 690 LEDs, the Cellreturn mask works for every skin type with red, blue, and pink settings to choose from that address different concerns. The device also connects sleekly to your wireless network without a cord or control panel. Use this revolutionary, top-selling treatment for 20 minutes after cleansing, and you’re good to go.

Credits Hero Image Credit: Petri Oeschger/Getty
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