A Refreshing Cocktail Recipe to Jump-Start your Weekend

Forecast: sunny with a chance of rosé.

This weekend marks the unofficial start to summer, and though it may not be filled with BBQs or gatherings as initially planned, there are still ways to lift the spirits at home. Enter Cody Goldstein—the master mixologist of Muddling Memories—who's back to show us how to craft a cocktail with some of Olivia's favorite sweet wines of choice, and a dose of summertime pizazz. Inspired by the bright colors seen in her first Spring/Summer collection, this easy-to-make yet playful drink is meant to honor the flavors and fun feeling of the season.  So turn up Harry Style's "Watermelon Sugar" (our Summer 2020 anthem prediction) and serve this delicious recipe for the long, relaxing weekend ahead.

Maison Melon
- 4 oz fresh watermelon juice (if needed, simply scoop pieces sans rind into a blender and mix to make)
- .50 oz fresh lemon juice
- .25 oz agave syrup (or honey for another naturally sweet alternative)
- 2 oz rosé wine
- 4 oz champagne

- Add the fresh watermelon juice, rosé, fresh lemon juice, and agave into a highball glass and fill it with ice.
- Top the mixture with champagne and garnish with a watermelon wedge.

Dress up your happy hour with these inspired picks below and enjoy!

Credits Photographed by Cody Goldstein
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