Unique Gift Ideas Inspired by the Beloved Moms of TV & Film

Switch it up this Mother’s Day for the incredible ladies in your life, by taking gifting cues from what your favorite characters might like.

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Near or far, it's always a good time to celebrate the inspiring women in our lives. And although the UK commemoration of Mother's Day may have already passed, the second Sunday in May marks the date to celebrate stateside and elsewhere around the globe. 2020 will be different for most, but that doesn't mean it can't be any less memorable, even if celebrating virtually. Therefore, in the spirit of gift-giving and a with a dose of entertaining distraction in mind, we tapped you—our OP community—to share the motherly characters from TV and film that you love most! Here, we've put together a gift guide for each of your chosen favorites, meant to inspire your next watch list and help check off that personal gift list, too.

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1. Phyllis Nefler, Troop Beverly Hills
Phyllis has expensive taste but is armed with more than just an Amex card to help her troop succeed. With her joie de vivre, flattering high-waisted shorts would pair well with her Wilderness Girls ensembles as would practical leather boots made for hiking up and down Rodeo Drive. And seeing the fabulousness in every opportunity, a vintage brooch (likened to a badge of her own) could also strike her fancy.

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2. Midge Maisel, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
Whip-smart and charismatic Midge is an Upper West Side-based housewife during the '50s who soon discovers a hidden talent. She's super stylish with a penchant for accessories, so a retro-inspired hat bag might do the trick while a Smythson notebook is great to jot down new material.

Smythson Inspiration and Ideas Panama Notebook, $75, smythson.com
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3. Lucy RiccardoI Love Lucy
Ambitious and lovable Lucy is always dreaming of being in husband Ricky's show act, so a shiny new pair of dancing heels will put an extra chic-chic-ky-boom in her step. She'd also probably enjoy gourmet chocolates, just don't bring up that one time at the candy factory…

Neuhaus Special Edition Box, $45, neuhauschocolate.com
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4. Eleanor Sung-Young, Crazy Rich Asians
As many mothers of significant others might be, Eleanor comes off as incredibly intimidating, but without giving too much away, we'll say perhaps she's just misunderstood? Impress her with an opulent clutch to bring to future weddings or an emerald-hued Piaget pendant or watch, as a nod to the film's most significant piece of jewelry.

5. Jane Adler, It's Complicated
In this Nancy Meyers' comedy, Jane is the main character who finds herself in a love triangle with her ex and her architect. The successful bakery owner might like a new French scarf to accessorize for date night or a wine subscription to help take the edge off of complicated decisions. 

Bright Cellars Monthly Wine Subscription, $60, brightcellars.com
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6. Grace Hanson and Frankie Bergstein, Grace and Frankie
Grace and Frankie could not be any more opposite, but after there's a twist in marital circumstances, their unlikely friendship begins. For Mother's Day, free-spirited art teacher Frankie might enjoy a belt bag to store her paraphernalia, while the uptight Grace would love a crisp top to match her former mogul attire. Both women would likely enjoy a trip to the spa when able: Reiki healing for Frankie and a classic facial for Grace.

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7. Lorelei Gilmore, Gilmore Girls
Energetic Lorelei runs on caffeine, so a jeweled coffee tumbler to take her Luke's Diner order to-go is definitely something that this hotel manager would love. And because "Friday Night Dinners" are a family non-negotiable, Rory might also gift her a polished dress for time spent with the Gilmore grandparents.

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8. Moira Rose, Schitt's Creek
As a former soap star, the eccentric Moira Rose never does anything without over-the-top dramatics or proper pronunciation. Gift someone as remarkable as her, a feather-adorned headband or bag to reminisce about prior roles. Though what would really make her swoon is an appointment gift card to NYC's Julien Farel Salon to see Andre J. Davis, bespoke wig expert.

9. Vivian Banks, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
The matriarch of the Banks household, "Aunt Viv," is a hardworking Ph.D. who is often the voice of reason, especially with Will. Her wardrobe showcases the power suit and bright '90s fashion at its best, but when she starts taking off her earrings, she means business! Gift your favorite aunt, an architectural pair from Nausheen Shah x Monica Sordo or a blouse with statement sleeves as a swap for the shoulder pads.

Nausheen Shah x Monica Sordo Earrings, $403, farfetch.com
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10. Rachel Green, Friends
Working fashion executive by day, first-time mom by night, Rachel Green might love a sleek navy blazer to complement her 9-5 wardrobe. Another idea is a Nespresso machine, so the only coffee orders she'll be taking (any time soon) are her own.

Nespresso Deluxe Coffee Maker, $140, williams-sonoma.com
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