How This Fashionable Couple Begins Each Summer Day

Enjoying a little outdoor reprieve with Olivia's favorite iced latte recipe in hand.

It's officially summer's last hurrah, and with a few weeks left on the calendar, Olivia and Johannes are taking every moment they can to soak in the warm weather. The Brooklyn-based couple has been enjoying time together at home—designating their outdoor terrace as a little oasis to jump-start daily activities. "From answering emails to getting our workouts in, a key step to beginning our day is always coffee," notes Olivia. One of her favorites is a café iced latte, so perfecting the recipe using her Nespresso machine was a game-changer and time-saver for her morning routine. Ahead, we share how to make the refreshing coffee drink, and Olivia gives it her own barista flair by often adding peach syrup or a dash of vanilla powder for extra flavor (depending on her mood). She also favors creamy, non-dairy oat milk in her classic lattes. The result? A smooth, deliciously sweet summer-approved beverage that you'll be eager to create yourself.

Olivia's Iced Latte
-1 Nespresso capsule of Ice Forte
- 80ml or 2.7 oz cold oat milk
- 4 ice cubes
- Approximately 2 tsp of White Peach Monin Syrup (or a dash of vanilla powder as an alternative).

- First, select the right glass for the latte (Olivia suggests a medium-sized glass coffee cup or mug, like these).
- Place the ice cubes in the glass, and as an option, add in the peach syrup or a pinch of vanilla powder.
-Pour the cold oat milk over the ice.
- Brew the capsule of Ice Forte in your Nespresso machine and pour it directly over the milk.
- Enjoy!

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