OP’s Self-Care Must-Haves

Mindfulness for everyday.

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#SelfcareSunday might be one day a week, however, for Olivia, self-care is something she practices everyday. “It sets me in the right mindset to tackle whatever I have on that day.” And one way that Olivia has been able to find balance is through soothing rituals with the right accents. “I’ve been getting into epsom salt baths in the evenings lately,” shares Olivia. “I find that they not only help heal my muscles after daily workouts and racing around for work, but also help me recharge.”

Amping up the effect are candles (Olivia is partial to ones from Sicily Hill), ritualistic mani-pedis, and massages. “This period has taught all of us that our health is truly the most important thing,” says Olivia. “And that goes for your outside, inside, but also your mind and general wellbeing.” Below, team OP shares some key tools to keep balanced and feel like the best version of yourself.

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