OPtimal Health — Professor Augustinus Bader on Winter Skincare Prep

The Professor shares how to boost skin’s radiance in the cool months.

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“In winter, the skin has to fight the dryness caused by dry air due to heating inside and cold temperatures outside,” says Professor Augustinus Bader, creator of his eponymous and much beloved skincare label. “Skin adapts to the different challenges caused by weather conditions and sun exposure. Seasonal dryness in winter and humidity in summer requires flexibility and adaptivity of our skin.” And just in time for winter’s impending chill which can lead to dryness, itching, redness, flaking, thinning, and general sensitivity, we asked Professor Bader for some of his top tips to keep our faces fabulous.

Photo: Augustinus Bader

While Professor Bader concedes that skin knows how to combat any effects of weather adjustments, “it is necessary to build up the lipid shield of the skin.” He suggests high-impact lipids such as Shea Butter and Argan Oil as, “[they] support skin function and maintain its delicate ecosystem by acting as a protective barrier against external stimuli.” One way to create a freshbase for products to do their job effectively is through a deep cleanse and Professor Bader suggests, “The Cleansing Balm is an excellent option for an all-around cleansing sensation and protection of the skin’s lipid layer to avoid transdermal water loss.” Another key tip to keep in mind for winter? Water, water, water.

Hydration of the surface and below the skin is vital to maintaining an effortless glow and Professor Bader says, “[our] Body Cream contains Brazilian Candeia Oil which is high in vitamin B to ensure the skin holds on to moisture for longer and soothes and calms dry skin.” Utilizing water-binding plant sugars, The Body Cream improves skin’s water reservoirs and decreases trans epidermal water loss (that’s what causes dry, flaky, and sometimes red skin) by building up the skin barrier function. It’s similar to Bader’s face creams—The Cream and The Rich Cream—which, “supports the natural production of essential factors to regulate and replenish the moisture and lipid content, protecting the skin’s delicate ecosystem and promoting optimal skin health.” Packed within each formula is Professor Bader’s innovative TFC8 technology which works and regenerates skin cell renewal from within for visible results. Looking for proof? Check out the faces of Alexa Chung, Priyanka Chopra, and Victoria Beckham who champion Bader’s formula for their vibrant visages.

However, Professor Bader’s best advice is often overlooked due to hectic schedules and Zoom-filled days. “Don’t forget to drink lots of water and eat healthy food.” No doubt your skin will thank you.

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